Paph Season 2023

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Now that I have this plant from James in my hands I have no doubt, it's a twin to my first "Hilo Black Eagle". Mystery solved.

To me the first three flowers/pics you showed, they look to me like a stonei flowers and an adductum/stonei pouch. But I am no expert and don't know anything. Just saying how it looks to me. 😊
The season is slowing down but it's not over yet. First up is a Hsinying Anita, sibling to my FCC from earlier this year, that took too much anitum influence in its form.


Possibly the worst Julius I've ever seen.


Saving the best (maybe) for last, a first bloom Wössner Black Wings with what feels like 5 buds. I hope it's not ugly 😂

Hi Tony,
Hsinying Anita has wonderfully black buds.
Julius didn't come to mind, before you said it. WBW has nice dark red buds. Nice to wait and see what comes. 😊
That Hsinying Anita is dark and pretty, though.
The last one, I'm also curious to see.
Good flowers of WBW and five of them will be quite something to look at!!
Because I was being facetious, I have a batch of plants labeled Hilo Black Eagle that have been blooming out as Hilo Bald Eagles.
Oh, okay, now I understand. Thanks for explaining it to me, and for your patience with me.:cool:
The pic made it look darker, the pouch was really washed out. It's gone now, along with that awful Julius lol
What have you done with them, gone where?