Paph primulinum fma. purpurescens

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This little guy just opened up yesterday... I had completely forgotten that it was even in bud. I picked up several of these while I was up in WA for Thanksgiving, and this one is the first to bloom.

I'll see if I can do a 3D tomorrow, but for now....


and a random closeup:


Hope you like them :)

As Ever,
Matthew Gore
I think these are nicer colored than the nominal yellow form, and very easy to grow and bloom. These will divide and spike so frequently they are just about always in bloom.
Thanks everyone.

For those of you who are curious, the two photos above are actually the same photo, just cropped differently. The original photo was 7 Megapixels, so I was able to pick out the detail from the center area. The first photo is just scaled down.

- Matthew Gore
gore42 said:
I'll see if I can do a 3D tomorrow, but for now....
As Ever,
Matthew Gore

Hello Matthew,

As always - excellent photos and a beautiful flower, too. All Paphs. of the subgenus Cochlopetalum grow and flower reliable.
What I am wondering all the time - how do you produce your 3-D files. I've got no idea!!:confused:
O.k there must be a special software but perhaps you can explain a little bit of your secret?

Best regards from Germany, GuRu