New Mount- Spagnum/Epiweb Substitute???

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I have not used either product. Perhaps Ray Barkalow can opine? Isn't Inocucor a systemic anti-pesticide? It seems to cover quite a lot of maladies.
Both products are live microbial agents which combat disease-causing fungi.

I asked Ray. He said he was going to try the Inocucor on the Phal he has planted in the Scrubby Yarn to see what the results would be.
FWIW, the "musty dishrag" odor has disappeared from my phalaenopsis pot, even before treating it with the Inocucor product, and it has not returned.
Ray and Mark, doesn't it dry out kind of really quick? I used the fat polyester yarn (shown in the photo of message #7 in this thread), which is different from Mark's around the time Syntec came out. There was a paper who tested "Synthetic moss" with Phalaenopsis to understand the acidification of media. I contacted the Chinese researchers, and tried to obtain the material, but it was a dead-end. Then I found the thick yarn at Jo-ann's. I wasn't paying too much attention, and it was drying way too fast, so I wasn't successful with Phalaenopsis pulcherrima. But the low water holding capacity could be good for orchids which should get dried quicker. After seeing Matt's and Mark's comments here, I used it as the "top moss" for some Neofinetia (the base, Koke-dai, is still real sphagnum moss).
It does dry out very quickly, naoki, but this is what I like about it. I have always had the best success with my Neos when they get frequent wet/dry cycles. I have rotted more roots than I care to think about in moss mounds (even hollow ones) which stay damp for days at a time as they ever-so-slowly dry until the next watering cycle.

I have had great success using the plastic Neo domes covered with only a very thin layer of moss over the roots. I have also had great success with growing my Neos in baskets with no media whatsoever.

This yarn dries quickly, yet it does hold moisture for a day...just not too much.

Ray, I have also noticed that the stale, musty odor in my yarn mounds has now started to subside. I guess it was just a temporary thing. The plants in the yarn mounds seem to be doing just fine.