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Well, once I got this out to take photos of it, I though I might as well make a 3D thing too. This one isn't especially smooth, motion wise, becuase I only used 21 photos in it. I'll probably do another one if the dorsal opens up any further, or if the one that opened today is easier to see.

Anyway, here it is:

Hope you enjoy it :) This one doesn't spin unless you start it. I prefer to drag it left and right, so I turned off the auto spin.

This one isn't huge... around 300K, I think.

- Matt
NYEric said:
Marco, I know that if this starts getting done to besseae and sanderanium hybrids you'll go blind too!!!:poke: :poke:

Eric - You're probably right! Long petals :drool:

Matt - If you ever get the chance to do a sanderianum or a sand hybrid can you do it for the whole flower including the full lenght of the petals? :poke:
Sure... I'll probably start doing this for the whole plant, too... once I get my system down a little bit better.


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