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Dec 9, 2006
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Penang, Malaysia..d home of fabulous paphs.
this is one of the two niveums i have. this bloomed a few months ago, and now its not very happy... :sob:
Quick note from my experience with niveum, which grows very well for me, is that the plant DOESN'T like to be over potted. Your plant seems to be in a too big a pot. I learnt that very quickly. I keep mine in pots that appear too small but the plant likes it.
Very nice flower.
yes, i did put it in a rather large pot at that time... but there were 2 of them and i was growing them with some succulents in the same pot (now thinking of it, whatever made me do that??!!) craig, i'm too embarrased to post a 'now' pic... i guess i'll let it recuperate first... the problem is that the leaf bases turn brown and affects the whole growth. this happens even though i pot them 'higher' up, and not letting the growth touch the medium... happened to the other niveum too... :( must be the heavy rain...
The flower sure is pretty. I think niveums don't like to be kept wet -- that's what may be happening in that size pot.

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