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Jun 8, 2006
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Albany, N.Y. USA
Here is a photo of my newly opened micranthum. It's been open a few days now. It's a light pink with a 9" tall stem. I didn't realize the stem would be so long. Is that a normal height for the stem? I have a second micranthum in sheath. If that bud can only get out of the sheath without rotting. I believe the sheath has now split so there hopes for another flowering micranthum in the month of Jan.

That came out pretty good,congratualtions.

They do have tall stems and big flowers for such little plants.

Normal blooming time is late winter early spring, so I wouldn't be surprized if it doesn't get much past the sheath until February.
Hi Bob,

Your micranthum seems to be an early bird!!:wink: The long stem is really normal for micranthums. It's towering compared with the plant size. I own two different clones of micranthum and one has also a sheath so I'm in good hope for a flower in next spring.
Best regards from Germany, GuRu

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