Paph Shun-fa Golden and micranthum var eburneum bud watch

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Don't think you could hope for a much better outcome, really, save for a miracle of nature. Liberty Taiwan's shape & fatness, NH's color & flatness.
I was hoping for some more red bits on the petals, but I agree with you on the shape. One of the sibling bloom references on the listing had more elongated petals I was hoping not to get. The second reference was more colorful and more what I was going for, but what I ended up with is still pleasing to look at so I'm happy.
Well, the Shun-fa saga comes to a sad close. The bud blasted. I'm guessing I didn't keep it watered well enough. This is as far as it got, which made me extra sad because this is what I wanted the Liberty Taiwan x Norito Hasegawa to look more like. Oh well, maybe next year!

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