Paph Magic Lantern (delenatii x micranthum)

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L I Jane

The very best it's ever done with 6 spks but only 1 spike has 2 buds.It's in a 4" pot.

One more thing, does one petal start growing more than the other when it starts opening? The right petal (looking at it) started growing while the left just kinda sat around for a day or 2.
Duke I never noticed that one petal was ever any different than the other.They opened at the same time.Now another flower has opened & the other 2 will be in a couple of days:D
Terrific!!!!! Really impressive!

BTW in what kind of container do you grow them, looks slightly like a plastic bag??????

Best regards from Germany, GuRu
You are both wrong :D It's sitting on a bench where I have pieces of granite strewn about.The pic looking down has ring where a smaller piece of granite had been sitting out in the weather.I grow in a reg plastic pot-nothing exotic LOL.

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