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Aug 14, 2014
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New York City
My first Paphiopedilum Magic Lantern (micranthum x delenatii) bought as a seedling in 2015 is now a 14+ growths strong plant bursting out of its pot.
It’s still in its original pot and have never been repotted all these years.
The second photo shows the opposite side where two of the oldest & withering growths are sprouting two new small growths. Love it when this happens on the old growths instead of just dying away with nothing. 😁
OMG, I remember this one!
How many pots of them do you have now? :)

I plan on splitting mine up into 4-5 bits before the year ends.
Hey, Happypaphy7, thank you for taking that in the manner it was intended.

I'm down to three pots of this plant now, the smallest of which is about eight mature growths. I sold a couple of nice divisions of it last year.

When I repot mine I like to just take off any pieces that affect the overall symmetry of the plant. I decided a long time ago that a large multigrowth plant is much more impressive than many small divisions.
I should have one that long ago because all the growths are leaning toward one side (windowsill) and some of the newer growths are naturally leggy trying to rise above the older growths for light.
So, dividing this one will prove to be a bit of a struggle and a headache since most will need to have their elongated base buried in the pot.
Has to be done now. no more room left in the pot for the newer growths to go.