Paph. lowii 'Horizontalis'

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Oct 6, 2008
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Naperville, IL
Purchased from Taylor Orchids during the 1999 MOS show, the provenance of this plant remains a mystery to me. It is not like any other Paph. lowii I've seen; too large a flower (15 cm HNS) to be Paph. richardianum, and I can't imagine the parentage if it's a hybrid. Pretty sure Orchids Ltd. has a piece of this clone as well. I also attached a photo of the staminode for those that are more taxonomically inclined.


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I just looked at the photo of my lowii and the staminode looks about the same?
What strikes me the most is (other than the horizontally stretched out petals) how green the dorsal is.
Orchid limited sold same kind of lowii years ago and i saw a seller in france who have one from other source...
Tom, where is the 'cross stake' you staked the petals with ? :cool: Lovely flower, such kind of P. lowii I've never seen before.
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There are many variations of lowii as it’s the most diversely dispersed MF from Indonesia to Borneo and up the Malayan peninsula. The green dorsal ones do occur in Indonesia (to my knowledge). It has been postulated they are variations that developed due to segregation and isolation. IMO they should be separated and line bred until further studies are done on them.