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Paph King Arthur

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Aug 21, 2006
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Saratoga Region, New York
Paph King Arthur Disaster relief auction #2

As you know John Marcotte has lost his collection and business and is facing hard times. I am selling a few things from my collection as a donation to John.

This is how this will work. The auctions will be 4 day auctions. This one ending on midnight April 1. Post your bid in this thread. You send me a check made out to John Marcotte, I will pay shipping charges

This is Paph King Arthur = ( Paph Bingleyense x Paph Monsieur de Curte. Vervaet 1893) It is an older complex, when complexes looked like Paphs :)

A picture of the flower can be found on the net.
Here is a pic of the plant up for auction. It is in a 4.25" pot


What am I bid?
:rollhappy::rollhappy: Of course it counts! I think I saw the corkscrew tail, look out it's coming your way with the winds we have today!
Hi Ron,
Bid $100
Would actually like to have this one IF the winner.
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Wow! Ron, that is a nice old Complex! I'm sure that Carl will really enjoy it. Thank you for sacrificing it to auction and thanks to all bidders and to Carl for his generous winning bid. Thank you all!
King Arthur

Hi Ron,
The "King" has arrived safe and sound. It's VERY nice.

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