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Phrag Ruby Slippers flava Disaster relief auction #1

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Aug 21, 2006
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Saratoga Region, New York
As you know John Marcotte has lost his collection and business and is facing hard times. I am selling a few things from my collection as a donation to John.

This is how this will work. The auctions will be 4 day auctions. This one ending on midnight April 1. Post your bid in this thread. You send me a check made out to John Marcotte, I will pay shipping charges.

This is Phrag Ruby Slippers, flava seedling. It current leaf span is just over 10"
The cross is of these specific parents. It is an AnTec cross.
http://www.ladyslipper.com/123j.htm X http://www.ladyslipper.com/191j.htm
It is a very desirable cross. Remember as you bid this is a fund raiser.


What do I hear as a starting bid.
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Mar 7, 2007
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Why do I have the feeling someone is going to snipe me! :ninja:

I hope you get the plant. Someone posted the flower photo last year, and it was stunning, long yellow petals.
I remember that only one compot/flask? of this cross were offer on ebay by Antec.
I think the winner gave them to Ron?

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