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Mar 9, 2007
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Toronto, Ontario
This just opened today. I think it will open more in the next few days. NS. 10.1 x 8 cm. I see potential in this one. What do u guys think?

in a different lighting:

Sorry it's too pretty, I can't stop looking at it...
Hey did it come from cloud's? bloomed yours sooner than me, and it has much darker leaf undersides (I heard the darker ones were better, too bad I didn't get to pick my own)
Lol. thanks. It's so pretty I put it beside me. So pretty in person. LOL. It reminds me why I love parvis! hehe. I got this from Zephyrus. The one the I got from Clouds is very small still. Do u find yours fast-growing? Mine grew 2 leaves in 5 months. Is that normal?
I think it is slow growing compared to my other seedlings...
I wasn't counting leaves but each new leaf that came out was the same size, so it leaf span was the same since I got it. I think mine was growing at about the same rate as yours. I just repotted of all my seedlings today.
have you bloomed it before? if so, how long did the flowers last? i've heard they aren't too long lasting as delenatii (i think) isn't too long lasting but i don't know if this is true...
Absolutely fantastic, especially for a first bloom seedling.
Next year should be even better....if you can imagine that!

Definitely a keeper!
Hi Eric! yeah they do have nice plants but the ones i got from them were in rotted fine bark hence rotted roots. But the plants themselves were fine.

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