Paph. haynaldianum

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This plant has been a very reliable bloomer for me. For some reason it appears that I'm only getting two flowers on the spike this time, but I am pretty happy with the petal stance.

Here it is:


Hope you like it :)

As Ever,
Matthew Gore
Ok Matt, sometime you're going to have to write up a little mini-tutorial about how to take and edit awesome photos like that.
In general that flower has nice wide flora elements.

If you could get at least 3 flowers open to look like that I would get it judged.
I would have to give you at least a 'blue ribbon' for the harmony and rythm in your photo. Depending on the category competiton posibbly a 'BOS'. I judge art/photo shows, so I can say that. Very nice composition. :clap::clap: