Paph. emersonii 2012

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Thank you guys!

Congrats! These are blooming again in 8-9 years??

I had some flowers over the years. But most are not flowering every year. Sometimes the bud didn't come to bloom. I think our winters are not optimal for their bud growing.

Clay pots?

Gallant effect on these babies

I really dont make anything special with them. Our water is very calcareous. Thats why most of my plants have so dirty leaves. perhaps the emersons like this. I keep the pots constantly humid. tempreture can be hot during summer and cold during winter. So dont fit for the species all the time.
Very impressive!
In some weeks I'll get one, too, hope I'll do better this time...
Two are flowering again. Emersonii are easy growers now at my place. They grew very well over the last years but didn't flower. This year two plants flower from two shoots. One plant got the two buds to flower the other one just one but the second turn on growing now. I like the unique flavor. They are just natural looking emersons, not the candidates for an award but i like them a lot. I think they will have Sex soon!:D
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I love your collection and aesthetic. Outstanding. Keep that diversity!
Like to share my this years emersonii. Nothing special, just normal old Style ones. Even more wild shaped and not as round as some which were shown before. F.e. istvans gorgeous plant. All have the typical emersonii smell and the one with double flower shows it the second time.





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