Paph Dr Jack (niveum x concolor)

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L I Jane

Just a little sweetie that fits in beautifully when you've run out of space!:rollhappy:
I think why we like photos so much on this forum is becuase it turns us on to plants we never knew we were destined to have. And my want-list grows by one. Thanks for sharing the photo!

BTW Jane, did you shoot this flower at a long lens? Tele-macro? Or does your close-up lens naturally have that small depth of field? I like the out-of-focus background.
cdub-I have a closeup on my automatic camera so I put it up fairly close so that's what it does.I know nothing about cameras :D
Heather -the actual flower is white but the light & speckles give it that sort of blush pink look.The leaf span is only about 4 to 4 1/2" so it can fit anywhere.
Nice. I love Paphs w/ spots and stripes. One of the first Paphs I ever got was Psych X Anthong [I think]. It stayed in bloom for 4 or 5 months. I think the prettiest I ever saw was Paph Iona. Good job. E.
I recently saw one of these on ebay and forgot to buy it :(. I love this little guy! It is perfect for my brachy breeding program, which is make brachys that have nice flowers that stand up straight.

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