Paph delenatii 3D

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On all of them you can click and drag to rotate the view from left to right. Or just click on it to make it spin.

There was only one of them that I tried to make it so that you could also rotate up and down. I thought that the attempt failed miserably, so I haven't tried it again. The major problem with doing it that way that each vertical layer increases the size so much... so if a single layer is 1M, one with 10 vertical layers (20-30 would give as much smoothness as there is left to right) it would be 10Megs, and that's too much to ask people to download. It also takes 10 times as long to photograph, needless to say. So, maybe in the future, but not any time soon.

Anyway... if you haven't been clicking and dragging on these, then go back to my gallery now and do so! :) :) :)

- Matthew
Nice, Matt. But I see what you mean about the lighting. The front light, by the camera, seems too bright and washes out the closest objects. That wasn't the case on the last one, if I remember correctly. Lowii, maybe?
Marco, this one doesn't seem to be fragrant :(

Dot, I also did this one under natural light, but they all need to be color corrected, so I'll have to batch process them in photoshop tomorrow and see if I like the results. I liked them better, otherwise.

- Matt

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