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Dec 9, 2006
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Penang, Malaysia..d home of fabulous paphs.
this is my conco-bellatulum/wenshanense... the first 2 pics are of the 2nd time blooming n the 3rd pic is of its 3rd time blooming (now with 2 flowers).. its first time bloom was rather ugly, so i didn't photograph it...:mad: it is the fastest growing among my brachys, very vigorous n free-flowering :D, but the texture of the flowers is rather poor :sob:. it also seems to resemble concolor more than bellatulum...



Conco-bellatulum / wenshanense is the big question. Since the cross of
P. concolor x bellatulum IS registered with the RHS as P.Conco-bellatulum then it should be known as that IF your plant is a MAN MADE crossing. If your plant is a GENUINE P.wenshanense reproduced from wild collected plants which in fact are most like Natural Hybrid P.Conco-bellatulum, now called P.wenshanense, should be called that. The RHS has a lot to answer for for making the monumental stuff up by allowing this naming. Above all, given that both plants are the same, one man made, one Nat hyb, we will never know what crossings have been made with either. Also, we have Conco-bellatulum x wenshanense.
I like you plant, the flower is very much concolor and the yellow would lend itself to making yellow hybrid Brachys, the texture is not a major problem.
Thanks Roy, i do know about the naming thing already... i think my plant is most probably wild-collected, so it should be known as p. wenshanense. Does anybody think that this might be wenshanense x concolor instead?(",) the lack of bellatulum influence is rather suspicious... =P
I just spent about an hour going thru every relevant site looking at P.wenshanense photos. I came up with pics almost identical to yours to some of the best shaped Brachys I've ever seen. Unless there is some magical identification mark to indicate yours is anything other than what you know it as...I'd love to know what and where it is.
conco-bellatulum versus wenshanense

I agree, that what we call Paph wenshanense are probably natural hybrids between Paph. bellatulum and Paph. concolor, but they don't necessarily have to be 50% bellatulum and 50 % concolor. Paph concolor and Paph bellatulum were probably growing in the same area's and over time those 2 species probably interbred. Their offspring probably bred back and forth to both species, and back to it self. As a result you get a population of plants that some individuals look exactly intermediate to both parents, and some plants that look more like one parent (the picture above is a good example of one that resembles more it's "concolor" ancestry) and other plants that resemble more the other parent. Another term besides "natural hybrid" is "hybrid swarm".

You can't really compare the man-made hybrid Paph. concolor x Paph. bellatulum to Paph. wenshanense, as the man made hybrid is exactly 50% concolor and 50% bellatulum. Also when you are dealing with a "hybrid swarm" like Paph. wenshanense you get different selection pressures, so some genes may have gotten lost over time, and some genes may have mutated, so those plants will never look exactly the same (or be genetically the same) as the man made Paph. Conco-bellatulum.

So Paphioboy to answer your question, I think what you have is a pure Paph. wenshanense, but just an individual who has more Paph. concolor genes, so the plant resembles more a Paph. concolor.

Found this website that show a few P. wenshanense. Instructions to read names of photos...
Let pics download, place cursor on pic, RIGHT click, then left click on PROPERTIES, the name of the flower can be read in basic form at the top of the box. Some interesting hybrids there too.