Paph. charlesworthii not blooming

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Sep 8, 2014
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Kansas City, MO
I've been growing this plant for several years, but it just keeps growing new growths but not blooming while another charlesworthii has bloomed twice for me now but is half the size.
Any suggestions as to how to get it to bloom? Perhaps this fall I should chill it?


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They require two chilling cycles to bring them out of complacency. The first winter chill sets the clock, the second one next year pushes the spikes. After that, they will bloom every year, unless you stop chilling them. For stubborn clones, take them all the way down to the 40's in winter. Throw them in the fridge at night in winter, if all else fails lol.
I don’t know what I just did but 6 years in and I finally have a charlesworthii spike that was not built into the plant by someone else’s growing. A few months ago in some thread here I did promise to put them into the refrigerator. I’d have done it, too! But I just went east for a long weekend and boom: charkesworthii spike.

My plants are grown indoors, in windows. The windows get cool at night sometimes, down into the low 50s, maybe even high 40s where the Vandas sit against the window. This plant was never chilled and it hasn’t been cold at all since March, so what prompted the spike? I wonder. Hope it makes it. Looks pretty good.


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last year I placed mine in my garage over night in the fall and some of the winter. Temps 43-55F. Only for a couple of weeks. They're all in bud this year.

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