Paph charlesworthii fma sandowiae

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Very nice one. I like Paph. charlesworthii and especially its album form fma. sandowiae....but so far wasn't able to flower one of both.
A drop in 10C and slightly drier helps. But keep humidity high.
Thanks for the tips! Mine grows next to my fairrieanum, which is spiking (fingers crossed). It’s not watered as much as the fairrieanum, but perhaps I need to give it a more defined dry spell.
here it is again, same plant flowering... definately no drop in temp... in fact surviving heat wave while in bud. I was affraid it would blast, specially as the bract started to dry up. Only one flower on a multi growth plant BUT very happy it came through :)
charles 202209.1.jpgcharles 202209.2.jpg
I do find that they need a cooler winter to be healthy. You?
As I am growing fully in house, providing extra cool nights or a bigger day/night differences is always a challenge. I always aim 'intermediate' and hope that both the extra heat loving and extra cold loving will be a little flexible for me. Honestly, most cool growing in my collection are a challenge to get into bloom, so I also agree a cooler winter with a difference between day/night should be beneficial to trigger blooming. Mine definately bloomed without this treatment.