Paph blank 'Mad Max I' x Insigne ‘Sanderae’

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Dec 7, 2006
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Edmonton, AB, Canada
I think the label is incorrect and something is missing. I got it from eBay last year, the vendor can't help and it's a division. It reads Paph 'Mad Max I' x Insigne ‘Sanderae’ I think Mad Max is a clone name. Who used Mad Max? Anyone want to help fill in the blank?

I don't think the bloom is fully opened but I took some shots...

that one is super intersting. I REALLY like it. Love the green, the shape, and the spots on the pouch. Well done! Great photos too.

The bit of leaf in the second shot shows influence from something with mottled leaves, insigne is not mottled.
the cool thing is that the staminode is transluscent and the entire inside of the pouch is all spotted and shows through the pouch (you can sort of see it in the pic, but shows though better in real life making the pouch appear darker).

The base of the plant is also lightly spotted with purple. Just the base, not the entire leaf underside

I think this is a older cross because the seller seemed more like a older person, and he said he has large specimens he divides from.

Sukhakulii does look like the other parent (and I could imagine someone naming one a Mad Max I), but based on Cribb there is no purple on the undersides of leaves. Is there purple on the base of any of these guys? This cross is registered in 1989 as Tatonka.

And the other thought is that it could be a wardii, but they are less popular

I hope it's not complex and impossible...

...this was going to be a plant I was going to dump, the picture on eBay wasn't amazing I don't know why I bidded, but the bloom turned out alright in person so I'm keeping it
the eBay pic:
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I found a botanical with the insigne var. sanderae with purple on the the purplish base didn't come from the sukhakulii

sukhakulii x insigne var Sanderae is a reasonable ID :) thanks. The synesepal is also sukhakulii like. The dorsal has now become more opened and slightly ruffled, while the tip is still closed and pointed.
I thought I would mention that I found the ID again now since I saw the same plant for auction on eBay again, but this time with the corrected name.

It is Paph Caraibe ‘Mad Max’ x insigne ‘Sanderae’. Caraibe is villosum x sukhakulii, which means we were so close...
Paph Tatonka was just the original hypothesis.

Chances are slim that it is not Caraibe x insigne since the exact clonal name 'mad max' was used and the same photograph in the auction as before (which I deleted from photobucket so it is blank in this thread). I think it should be the same vendor too then.

I did find a picture of Caraibe on the Slipper Orchid Forum here: There is a good resemblance to my bloom.
(off topic...I am really ticked that I have been banned from that SOF forum for some reason. I don't remember doing anything wrong there. all of the sudden I can't log in)

Perhaps the sukhakulii spots are somewhat lost since it is only 25% of Caraibe x insigne
Whatever it is it's nice. I like the light color w/ the little spots. And BTW, you're locked out of SOF for hanging out w/ the 'bad influence' kids at STF! :rollhappy: