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Would anyone have a photo or link of this plant? It is a very old cross, W H Lumsden 1897 first registered it. (stonei x fairrieanum) It's another one of those "are you ever going to bloom" plants!
paphreek said:
I can take a picture of the the plant, if you want. :poke: Mine has two nice growths, but no flowers after 7 years!:confused:

That's OK. I have a pretty good size plant also and must be about the same age as yours. Looks like I'll be pushing up daisies when it decides to push up a spike! It's got to be the stonei in it. Just can't find a picture so I know what I'm waiting for.
Might even be the same plant... Some of those old crosses only exist as one or two clones.

Not sure what to suggest about blooming it. If time is insufficient, scare it. Nothing like the fear of death to induce reproductive behavior. Maybe leave it outside until it gets good and cool this fall? Bake it with high light? Might kill it, of course...

This is a pretty old post but I'm curious is anyone actually managed to bloom their Balmedianum and have a picture? I saw the Fairly Stoned thread and thought: "Wow a cross of stonei x fairrieanum; how exciting!" and then remembered that is has nothing to do with stonei... and that lead me to this thread.

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