P. godefroyae fma. album - first, wonky bloomer

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Feb 1, 2017
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Copenhagen, Denmark
Jens, something went wrong with your thread title ..... senior moments ? ;) I also would say this may be P. godefroyae abum.
Rather the heat, I hope! 🙄

Maybe, what went to my head was my considerations about posting it with the name on the tag: P. leucochilum fma. album...I knew, that would be a piece of bait certain to evoke a predictable response from you, Rudolf (and maybe some concern on your behalf as to whether I had jumped the party line?) 😉 But it seems, that I was so preoccupied by considering this scheme, that I turned on the autopilot, stumbled and fell into the elephant-trap myself! 😁

Ps. Just for the info to those, who join the thread after I corrected my error. Initially posted this as the botanical sensation: P. gratrixianum fma. album! 🙄

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