Egoistic birthday treat: P. godefroyae (quite red) and P. leucochillum

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All the best people are born in August! (It's my birthday tomorrow!)
Happy birthday to you, too, Ed! I hope you are going to spend your day in a nice way with people or activities, you like! 🥂🍰🎉🎊

Mine is Saturday, i.e. the 12th - and I look forward to a delightful sushi-dinner with my son and one of my friends, whom my son has named 'uncle h.c.'.

By the way, like a true Leo, one can't reproach you for putting your candle under a bushel! 😉
Jens, I almost thought you are a renegade.
I, actually, first discovered the very tiny little specks on the pouch, when I examined the photos... they are close to invisible to the naked eye.

As you clearly noticed, Rudolf, I chose my words with care... to avoid attracting attention from the demented dementors of the ubiquitous transnational leuco-inquisition! 😱

Now that's my idea of a birthday present! Nice choices. I love both of them and wouldn't be able to choose one over the other so of course would do as you did and take them both home. Happy Birthday :)