P. charlesworthii

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Eric Muehlbauer


I just picked up this charlesworthii on Saturday. For NYC people, it was at the plant shop on Centre St. in Chinatown, just south of Grand St. It was $30, but multigrowth, and I liked the size and color of the flower. Its a little distorted, probably from shipping, but I'm sure that the next bloom will be fine..if I can keep it alive long enough! Take care, Eric
Woops! Didn't even realize it until after I posted the photo...its soap bubbles! The bottle probably fell on the floor, and somebody put it on that shelf....I'm just glad if something gets picked up around here...just the wrong place for it....Take care, Eric
Noooo! I thought I was impatient before this thread, now I think I might go nuts waiting for my charlesworthii to bloom!

[Chris runs to the plant room to do an orchid dance around charlesworthii...with a flashlight of course]
I don't know the name of this place, but they sell their out of bloom/fading bloom plants really cheap. All of my Odontoglossum hybrids came from them, $5 each. They don't carry that many paphs, but they display them prominently and none make it to the out of bloom stage...although I did get a great vini with a fading bloom for $10...it had a new bud emerging at the time, and then put out yet another. It is also the only store I know that sells phrags, usually the Eric Young crosses...in fact they had one out of bloom on Saturday...maybe they still have it now. Jade Garden is a different store, on Mulberry St. south of Canal St, near the park. They only sell pottery and jade, no plants...beautiful stuff there, at the cheapest prices. Take care, Eric

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