Orchids as Kusamono (Bonsai Accent Plantings)

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Leo Schordje

wilted blossom
Aug 22, 2006
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NE Illinois
Heather asked to see a picture of my orchids grown to be accent plants for bonsai, or just to enjoy them better.


This is Dryadella edwallii 'Robert' CCM/AOS, I got the CCM on the previous year blooming before this image. It is subtle enough to use as kusamono with mid sized or even shohin bonsai. Most orchids are too gaudy to use with bonsai in a formal display. But they make a wonderful accents in an informal bonsai setting, or just enjoyed as is, as orchids grown to be attractive in their own right.

This is really cool! I love Dryadellas too. Inspired by what you said Leo, I started a root over rock Neofinetia mount yesterday using a little one growth division that fell off one of my plants.

I would like to see more photos of these if you have them.
that Dryadella took me quite while to get it to that size, It had been in that pot for 6 or 8 years. Then last week - it started dying, so I pulled it out of the pot and cleaned 10 years of old dead leaves out from the base. Alas, I won't be able to get its CCM upgraded to CCE, but end of summer should have a bunch of divisions for sale. :wink:

That's okay, I got an armeniacum well into low CCM range. It is over 15 growths, just need to get it to send up more than 3 flowers at once.
another dryadella image, this one 3 years old.
that's amazing!

I made the mistake recently of buying a dryadella a long way from home. Those things do not travel well.......

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