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Oh, so his name is Rudolf. Are you two friends?....
Annica, if you look closely you can read my christian name Rudolf in my signature. Gu stand for the initials of my surname and Ru for the initials of my christian name.
Jens and I know each other only via this forum ...so far we didn't meet together. But often we have the same sight on things and therefore we like each other here. Maybe one day we will meet, maybe in Dresden ? Who knows. When I visited the hometown of Jens, Copenhagen, in 2017 unfortunately we didn't know from each other.
Rudolf, I have looked at your signature. But I thought it was the other way around, that Gu ment your Christien name and Ru your surname.
When you told me that Dresden was a must to you and your friend, and if I would have been coming there also, I would have suggested that if we could meet. It would have been nice. Hopefully next year!
Take care!
Forgot to mention that Guru, means also spiritual or an ideological organization.
Rudolf is only getting "ideological", when referring to KEW as the ultimate authority in matters taxonomical! 😁

Actually, he is otherwise a reasonable man, which - as he mentions - is reflected by the fact, that we more often than not share the same views! 😁😁

Joking aside, I've got to "know" Rudplf in these pages from his contributions in the forums and from a few private messages as a courteous, kind and very considerate person. I hope we will some day succeed to meet in person!

I earlier on planned a visit to Dresden for the Dresdner Ostern, but had to give up on it in lieu of my lastest encounter with covid. Instead, I've allowed myself to go on a couple of online-shopping sprees, which harvest I await in eager anticipation.

My first stint at the Dresdner Ostern was its last time before the lock-down. I had the pleasure of encounter an earlier STC-member, Jean from Luxembourg (he might still be a member, though not as active as he was before), which was an unalloyed pleasure. He kindly introduced me to mrs. Wenqing Perner of Hengduan Biotechnology (who by the way is the only other psychologist, I've met in the Orchid World, that somewhat serms to teem with people from the medical profession). I also had the pleasure to meet mr. Sam Tsui from Orchid Inn in person.

But, maybe - to paraphrase the ancient adage: Next year in Dresden! 🙂
Very intresting Jens, thank you for sharing all of this. I can think that your opinion from Rudolf is correct. I don't know Justin either, but he also seems kind and a helpful person, and you too. 😁 Here at ST seems to be a lot of kind people, and I am greatfull for their patience towards me, who don't speak or write perfect english. Also for every advise and tips they are sharing.

I hope you have recovered from the Covid. It's a strange desease. My husband and I have had luck for now, and have been saved from it so far. Probably it's just a matter of time. That might help if they would get the tests succesfully done with humans with the Finnish research/invention of Covid spray straight to nose. With animal testing it has stopped every variations of Covid entering inside your body, and even stopped an infection you have got at early stages.

Let's hope we will all meet next year in Dresden. Atleast I could use a guide. 😊👍
Danke Annica, I live about 260 km away from Dresden, so this isn't too far and I will forward your greetings to my friend. Thanks.
I'm also really looking forward to Dresden, I'll be there for the first time. I only have 70km to get there. Don't know if I'll be there Thursday or Friday.
A few updates--a lot more roths to come!

Paph. gratrixianum. Plant originally from Tenman, in a couple pots.
View attachment 39164
View attachment 39165

A few nice little seedlings from a flask of lowii 'New Horizon' x 'Grand Masterpiece'

View attachment 39166
View attachment 39167
View attachment 39168

Here's a preview of a nice roth. Sam's Choice x MM Best. This grex produces very dark flowers, but they tend to be small with not great form. A couple I have bloomed are peloric or worse. But this one, while small, actually has pretty nice form!
View attachment 39169
Justin, I apologize and hope you're not too much troubled about te fact that we misuse your thread for offtopic talks.
Forgot to mention that Guru, means also spiritual or an ideological organization.
Annica, I know this but it's by coincidence and not my intention to claim I would be a Guru....therefore I write it GuRu.
Hi GuRu, I realiced that it's just a coincidence, but a funny one. 😊

To rauhaarigen: 70km, Good for you. It's almost the same I have to our Capitol Helsinki. We have 75km from our place to east to Helsinki downtown.
Nice to hear from someone else from Germany.

Justin, what GuRu said. I hope you are not very annoid to us, or if you are blame me for asking all kind of things. It's my fault. 🙄😩
One last look at Canadian Club before it is put to work.
Canadian Club 2023 full bloom.jpg

Also I was very excited yesterday that my lowii scored a 77 point HCC at the Cincinnatti show. (This is actually my first AOS award!) Here is the photo from last week of Paph. lowii 'Wendy's Wisdom' HCC/AOS
lowii abxmah 2023 - Copy.jpg
One last look at Canadian Club before it is put to work.
WAUW! And if the only thing you can complain about in a nigh perfect Roth, is that you would wish for slightly more separation between the flowers, you certainly with justification could be called a 'nitpicker'! 😁
... I was very excited yesterday that my lowii scored a 77 point HCC at the Cincinnatti show.
Congrats on the very well deserved award! Certainly a regal lowii! 👏👏👏

Kind regards, Jens
Justin, your roth Canadian club is beautiful! And that lowii is a stunning, good name that Wendy`s`Wisdom`. Congratulations on your award! I`m so happy for you about the HCC reward, the first of many, I hope. A great achievement and excellent job Justin! 🤗🥰

Best wishes, Annica
It is almost April, so peak roth season has arrived. Here is an interim roth report.

Final view of Chester Hill x Red Baron:

roth CHXRB 2023 1 - Copy.jpg

roth CHXRB 2023 1 final - Copy.jpg

Another plant from the same cross:

roth CHXRB 2023 plant 2 - Copy.jpg

There are also a couple of the smaller seedlings from this cross just starting to bloom for the first time. This one is looking quite nice!

roth CHXRB 2023 plant 3 - Copy.jpg

Here is a Tokyo Orchid Nursery plant, Winter Star x Western Monarch. Nothing special, just your basic seedling of (Val x Mont Millais) x (Rex x Mont Millais). But it's not doing anything wrong, and having two spikes on a first bloom is more than acceptable. So it's a keeper for me.

roth WSxWM - Copy.jpg

Last for this batch, a small first bloom plant of Sam's Choice x MM Best. One of the best I have bloomed from this cross. Super dark!

roth SCxMMB 2023 - Copy.jpg
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