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For Sale Orchid collection in Texas

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Nov 15, 2015
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Giving away a sizeable collection of paphs. This includes lots of rare blooming size plants seedlings etc. sanderianums hangianums, hang album, anitums etc.
if you want to make a donation cool. Otherwise If you can pick them up they are yours.
this is literally thousands of dollars worth of plants and Due to some rare life circumstances I have to part with them. Most important thing to me is they go to a good home.
Stephen van kempen-Lewis is in the Austin area. Maybe he’s interested or knows someone? I’ve tried reaching out to him on FB. Mygreenpets is closer friends with him, maybe he can let Stephen know?

Not sure who those people are but if you can let them know it’s be much appreciated.
I like Bruchers thought! So sorry for your circumstances! Heart of Texas might be interested to use them for raffle plants. I’m a member of Gruene Orchid Sociiety, I’ll contact our president to see if he could pickup. I would suggest if one of the societies picks up, there should be a percentage to go back to you! I wish you well🙏
I feel so sorry for your circumstance, and whatever it is I wish you all the best. I had to put my hobby temporarily aside because of my partners serious health troubles and knowing how that feels must have been a very difficult decision for you……

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