Odd growth in Phrag seedlings....

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I've had a couple of seedlings from this flask give me odd growth like this. I've seen it before (in fact, I think someone posted a similar question on another forum), but I'm just not quite sure what to do about it.

This is what I'm talking about:


Instead of two leaves forming, it's like a long, tube-like leaf. It may be two leaves, but I can't seem to find a seam to peel them apart :)

What do you do when you find a growth like this? Try to peel it apart? Cut it in half? Cut the while thing off?

Thanks :)

As Ever,
Matthew Gore

BTW- the flask is Twilight 'Rising Rocket' 4N x fischeri, so they are 3n seedlings. They are great growers! They're less than a year out of flask, and the largest ones are already a foot wide :)
I have no clue, Matt. Thats one of the strangest things I've seen.
Have other seedlings that've done this turned out alright?

Also, is that hydroton? (I'm sorry about taking you on a tangent)
The only other time I've seen this in person was a seedling of Phrag. Acker's Superstar 4n x Waunakee Sunset (also 3n). I just went to look for the seedling, and can't find it... so it either repaired itself, or died. I'm guessing the latter; it was in a community pot and was neglected.

Yes, it's hydraton. :)

Anyway, I just went and poked at the growth a bit more, and it is certainly a complete tube... there is no natural place to peel it apart. I can feel a good amount of new growth trying to push out from the inside, so I'm going to get my scalpel and slice it open. I'll let you know how it turns out.

- Matthew
I had that happen on the new growth of my paph St Swithin and ended up opening the leaf with an exacto knife. The new leaves couldn't push through and ended up being like an acordian. It took a few more leaves to finally straighten out.
I had it happen on a bellatulum seedling. The plant put out a new growth that was normal and I have had no problems since. the plant floweres normally, although not the growth witht the weird leaf.

Has the plant been near gamma rays, radioactive spiders or kryptonite?

Thanks everyone :)

I sliced open the leaf and there was a new leaf emerging, which was still in good shape. The plant looks almost normal now, except for the jagged edges on the newly opened leaf.

I've never seen that on phrags, but it is pretty common in paphs, at least with complex crosses. There's not much you can do, beyond slitting the tube-leaf open with a razor. I have never seen flowers on growths that have produced that type of leaf. Take care, Eric
I've had phrags do this tubing thing . I've heard it has something to do with the 4N & 3N , was the plant cochine treated? Like the rest of you I carefully split the tubing leaf, but not all at once, it took a week or so. I did this so the new growth inside the tube could adjust to more air movement.
If it helps I;'ve also heard this is a good sign that the plant is tetraployd.
GOod luck
from Linda ,
where its 95 outside but the greenhouse is a nice 84 degrees.
Hey Linda :)

These seedlings weren't treated, but the Twilight parent is tetraploid. Unfortunately, that means these are going to be triploid, and not good breeders, but they should be beautiful nonetheless :)

Those Disas doing ok?

- Matthew Gore