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Jun 6, 2006
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I have some questions about the naming of Neofinetia falcatas.

I'm trying to get a handle on the differences between Fuuran, Fuukiran, and how to set up categories and sub-categories in the database I am building (yes, Jason, your article is sitting here open on my lap as I type!) Rather than how I have it for the Cyp. Genus, I think I am correct (?) that I should have Genus, Species and Variety categories, and maybe Grex in case I purchased a Fuukiran division someday. ha. Or, should there be maybe a check box for Fuuran and/or Fuukiran? (I'm not completely clear on the difference.) and no Grex category? That's where I am confused I think. Fuuran vs. Fuukiran and Variety vs. Grex.

Would that be correct?
Having subgroups (as in micropetalum for Phrags) and hybrid categories (since I'm not going there) should be unnecessary, right?

Are there AOS awarded Neos or is it just not really judged here? I haven't delved into wildcatt yet but it seems like that might be a mire because of the varieties?

Beware. I may have more questions in the days to come.
ok since not everyone can view OrchidTalk I will copy everything Qing wrote on Neofinetia falcata...
Here is the ranking system for Fuukiran (may note be the newest). Neos with names in this system are called Fuukiran (in Chinese it means rich and noble orchid), and those have no names are called Fu Ran (wind orchids). The top row are the most rare ones, will cost more than $1000/growth . The bottom row are the cheapest, $10-15/growth. Shutennou is in the bottom rank. The middle one in the top rank is Fuukiden, it is selling for $1200/growth in the US. Once a rare one becomes more common, it got moved down the rank, and the price is lower.


There is a big disconnection between the Japanese name and the english name for these plants. Sellers in Japan/Korea/China only list the plants in Japanese, and the sellers in the US only list the English name for the plant. I had found a pretty good Japanese site that have both Japanese/English name for most of the plants, but it does not include all the plants. I think I can translate some.

This ranking is published in Heisei calender year 17 (or 2005) by Japan Fuukiran Association. The top row is for extreme rare fuukiran, here are partial names for this row

幽谷錦 Yuukokunisiki
大江丸縞 Ooemarushima
翠宝 Suihou
豊明殿 Houmeiden
牡丹錦 Botanshima
羆 Higuma
富貴殿 Fuukiden
金牡丹 Kinbotan
翠扇 Suisen
金閣 Kinkakun
白牡丹 Hakubotan

The second row is for rare fuukiran and the partial list here

金兜 Kinkabuto
都羽二重 Miyakohabutae
天玉宝 Tengyokuhou
清涼殿 Seiryouden
憧 Akogare
龍泉錦 Ryuuzennishiki
羆錦 Higumanishiki
連城丸 Renjoumaru
御旗 Mihata
紅孔雀 beni kujaku
天晃殿 Tenkouden
宝錦 Takara-nisiki
金広錦 Kinkounishiki
贵牡丹 Kibotan
建国殿縞 Kenkokudenshima

The 3rd row is for popular special fuukiran

銀世界 Ginsekai
玉錦 Tamanishiki
富士錦 Fujinishiki
国宝殿 Kokuhouden
慶賀 Keiga
金甲覆輪 Kinkabuto-fukurin
鉄橋殿 Tekkyouden
紅扇 Beniougi
国輝殿 Kokkiden
富士覆輪 Fujifukurin
羆覆輪 Higuma-fukurin
水晶覆輪 SuishouFukurin
慶賀覆輪 Keigafukurin

The 4th row is for special fuukiran

東出の剣 Higashidenoken
織姫 Orihime
玉川錦 Tamagawanishiki
緑宝縞 Ryokuhou-shima
紅牡丹 Benibotan
青海 Seikai
建国殿 Kenkokuden
宝生殿 Houshouden
青王錦 Seiounishiki
紀州伏虎 Kishuufukko
西出都 Niside-miyako
唐錦 Karanishiki
翡翠 Hisui
紫宸殿 Shishinden
曙 Akebono
霊峰 Reihou
真鶴 Manaduru
十二単 Juunihitoe
春及殿 Shunkyuuden
雲海 Unkai
宝剣 Houken
天恵覆輪 Tenkei Fukurin

The 5th row is for common fuukiran

猩々 Shoujou
朱天王 Shutennou
轡虫 Kutsuwamushi
孔雀丸 Kujakumaru
糸青海 Itoseikai
天の川 Amanogawa
大波青海 Oonamiseikai
小丸 Komaru
胡蝶の舞 Kochounomai
麒麟丸 Kirinmaru
青軸紺縞 AojikuKonjima
朝日殿 Asahiden
御城覆輪 Gojou Fukurin
白皇覆輪 Hakuoufukurin
白雪 Hakuun
東出都 Higashidemiyako
鳳凰殿 Hououden
紀州雪虎 KishuuSekko
古都 Koto
湖東覆輪 Kotoufukurin
大鷹丸 Ootakamaru
大八州 Ooyashima
羅紗覆輪 Rashafukurin
長生殿 Shishinden
高隈 Takakuma
玉川 Tamagawa
玉金剛 Tamakongou
桃源 Tougen
金銀羅紗 Kinginrasha
淀の松 Yodonomatsu
伯青龍 Hakuseiryuu
朝日覆輪 Asahifukurin
花衣 Hanagoromo
金光星 Kinkosei
青龍獅子 Seiryuu Jishi
Smartie (&Heather),
I posted a reply on that thread at rv-orchidworks.
Keep in mind the varieties listed for that ranking chart (the 2005 Fuukiran Meikan) is incomplete and is not in linear order in each "row".
Neat!! Thanks!!! All of mine are 4th and 5th row. :p Oh well-- unless I win the lottery, I'll just have to wait for the other varieties in the first three rows to become more common and hence more affordable. :eek:

Right now, I'm between loving summer (I'm off of work, I love the warm weather) and hating summer (no paycheck, hence no more orchid shopping :( )

I have a bunch more neos that I'd LOVE to have, but I know I have to hold off until fall. Still, I know there are at least 4 more that MUST come home this fall. :eek: I can't believe how much I've fallen for these little plants. I have a couple in spike now, others are putting up new growths... and I'm just enthralled with them. :D Even the roots are neat!!