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Feb 9, 2014
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Dallas, TX
I got four new phrags from John today and just finished potting them up and can't wait for the buds to open!


Front two little ones are besseae flavum seedlings--I only ordered one but John sent two for the same price because he felt the first one he pulled was a little rough.
Back left is a besseae flavum division; back right is a Fritz Schomburg

They have in spike Fritz on Ebay right now so I contacted him and got a great deal on all of these direct.

My laptop is acting up a bit but if I can get it running better tomorrow I'll try to post some individual pictures of the plants before I potted them up. They had some very nice roots--especially the flavum division. And I'll definitely post pictures as the buds open. I couldn't be happier with the Fritz, the bud is huge!
Wow, nice buy!!!! Single Growth for the Fritz?

(I found a Fritz from Ecuagenera last WE, multigrowth, but without bud :eek:)