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I just wanted to warn everyone... these little guys are just as addicting as paphs!!! :eek:

I knew NOTHING about neos (and still really don't know much of anything :eek: but I'm trying) until a few posts here on Slippertalk and on the Orchid Source a while back.

Suddenly, I found myself searching for info on neos. And sincerely wishing I knew Japanese and could read Kanji.... My miniscule vocab and hiragana just don't help. :eek: But, I did find some info, and some lovely photos...

Soon I became the proud owner of a tiny Benisuzume and a Higashidemiyako, and now that the Higashi is in spike and the Beni has started a second growth and is growing some gorgeous roots... I'm hooked....

What resources are there (in English) for neofinetia? My two came from New World Orchids, and I've read through his site, as well as posts here and on the Orchid Source.

(what's scary is I already have a list of "wants" for more neos.... :eek: :drool: )
I have the same problem -- being drawn to Neos! It sounds like we got hooked about the same time. I only have one Neo now, but I see many more in my future. I'm really looking forward to pictures of the Higashi!
I won't tell you about my three recent acquisitions of a Tomakongo for Cal-Orchids, a Higashidemiyako, and a Ounami Sekai from New World... I will not make an inventory list either.... It is a bit embarassing how quickly they invade my space..... I love them almost as much as fairrieanums.....
At the Pacific Orchi Expo, none of the slippers moved me as much as the Neos I saw there. I am totally hooked on these, and they are perfect for me, as I am fairly space limited.

I would love more information on neos too since I know almost nothing.
I must confess that I have just contacted a Japanese nursery about a wholesale order of Neos... species and cultivars. Oh my... don't know what I'm getting into! They also seem to sell Cyp. japonicum... I may broaden my horizons to Cyps too.

- Matt
I'm afraid of trying to grow Cyps, but I love looking at pics of them. :) I had no idea I'd be so taken with the Neos. What's REALLY funny is that apparently my husband also really likes them, and does NOT protest at all when I think of buying more. :eek: (he's an orchid nut too)

I guess I'm odd in that I really like all kinds of orchids-- one of the things I find so appealing IS the amazing variety of forms, colors, and cultivation requirements. They just fascinate me, from ada to zygopetalum... (yeah, I know I left something out... :eek: but I don't mean to )... there is always more to learn. :)

Now, Neo wise, I really need: Shutennoh, Hisui, one tiger variegated, one bean leaf, a pine needle, a wave, an amami, and, even one of those hybrid least. :eek: yeah, I'm hopeless. Don't even get me started on OTHER orchids and want lists... those are huge too! :eek:
I wish Jason would get off his rump and build the site he has been thinking of building!!! :)

Friendly pressure.

I think Neo's are probably the perfect orchid. You get the nice green, you can pick them up and really appreciate them, and those roots are just dang cool.

I will take some new pics and post if the rest of you promise to post some.
I will definitely post photos as soon as I can get home while there is some sunlight.
Here's the issue I'm running into with the Neos. The wholesaler says that there are too many different types of Neos to list them all in the catalog, and that the prices vary pretty dramatically depending on a variety of characteristics. Basically, I need to tell them specifically what I want to buy so that they can quote me prices... and I don't know enough about Neos to know what to get!

So, it looks like I'll need to start doing some more research before I get an order under way. Any suggestions would be helpful!

The Cyp. japonicums, however, are reasonably priced, so I may get some of them (if I think that I can sell 20 of them for around $30 for blooming size).

- Matt
Hmmmm ... I predict that there will be a Neofinetia saga brewing here in 2 years ;)
was it you who reads some japanese? If not, I'm happy to help on that end if that's going to be an issue. (Altho' my japanese ain't all that hot either.....)

I have yet to catch this neo epidemic thingy...
As promised, here are some updated pics of Neofinetia. This isn't all of them. I also re-posted the pics from back when I first got them.


Ootakamaru today

Ootakamaru one year ago

Honamijishi today

Honamijishi one year ago

Setsuzan today

Setsuzan one year ago

Shishikouryu today

Shishikouryu one year ago


Ounami Seikai
Heather said:
Setsuzan today.

That the leaf yellowing you've been mentioning? It looks like it had the beginnings of that a year ago...wonders what's up with.

Ummm. That's a variegated Neo. :eek: