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Neofinetia pots for sale

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Jason Fischer

Aug 26, 2006
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Hey guys, I'm starting to sell Neofinetia falcata clay pots on the side (as an individual and outside my business). I can take paypal, money orders, or I can use my company merchant account for Visa, Mastercard, Discover and American Express.

I'm currently working on a little website for decorative pots, but for now am going to be selling used pots. They are in very good condition. This kind of light, porous clay pot is only made in Japan.

Standard black clay, $12. Used but in great condition:


Black pot with gold trim, $21. NEW


I still need to calculate ship charges, but I'm most likely going to use FedEx ground shipping and am guessing that it will cost about $5 for the first pot and $2 for each additional. I will confirm this asap.

If you are interested you may contact me via PM. Thanks for looking!