Neo falcata var. higashidemiyako

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Rootless Wonder
Jun 23, 2006
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The Great State of North Carolina
Here is one of my current infatuations.... This was ordered form NWO this winter and it is rewarding me with a spike.... I am sure I had nothing to do with that!



What a pain to photograph!

Are you using flash? if so don't and use natural light. It might turn out better
smartie2000 said:
:drool: beautiful. if I could find one in Canada so I don't have to import

:clap: I agree smartie!! Color-flowers or patterned-leaves neos are so hard to find in Canada!

Perhaps we should do a group order or something.. lol :evil:

Very nice plant TADD! Just love those varigated leaves!
I thought about asiatica but the minimum order was $300 plus $80 charge for inspection....
I don't know where else to go for an international shipping
They also have nice variegated dends too
Anyways I'm not working right now, but I will be at the end of the month...then I will have some cash
i trailed john after he told me the ones he had in sh were doing good


i actually moved three of seedlings from the compot on the right into their own pots

hey sorry for the hijack Tadd :eek:
Really nice. I've got this neo obession thing going on at the moment as well. NWO are coming to England in June... YES !!. Hoping to get another six to join the seven I already have. Hoping to have my first blooming neo this year ... I think my Shutennou is thinking about it.

I really like the Japanese moss-mound way of growing them ... problem with smaller plants is that the moss dries out too slowly after watering and making a hollow mound is tricky ... so I'm going experiment with those old-fashioned plastic hair roller/curler thingy's to wrap the moss around to get a hollow mound. If I can find them that is ... also look forward to the bemusement of the store-assistant when a decidely follically-challenged middle-aged man asks to buy a bag of hair curlers!
I sometimes use plastic net pots, put them upside down and wrap moss around it to create my "hollow mound".. or if I have any small seedling size pots (2 inch or under round/square ones), then I just cut out the bottom and use that as a support.. I'm not skilled enough to do the traditional Japanese hollow mount yet! lol~ :D