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Jun 6, 2006
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Sacramento, CA. Outside w/ Southeast Exposure
Well, the Cyp. parviflorum var. pubescens are in bloom...along with a few other plants. Need to take the time to research the "famed" ladyslipper trail and find out just how many ladyslippers there are up there....Stay tuned. Even w/out the Cyps there are some cool things blooming.

I find it amusing how many staff members I run into just wandering around w/ their cameras. As one of the horticulture staff said to me today -"best office in the world." :)
I swear, sometimes the signs just show up later....the trilliium cuneatum signs all showed up out of nowhere today. I think our hort staff just hadn't gotten them out yet. This first clump is just outside my office door. *faint* Who knew?!?!

Trillium hybrid.

pubescens again...

Bottle Brush bush - latin name? Anyone?

a native rhody.

No idea what this is, and it is white which means it sucks to photograph. Any thoughts? Very cute tho!
wow! that's quite a clump! and right outside your office, no less. I was thinking we're lucky this year as they actually planted a fern outside our entrance. *sigh*
Heather said:
Sorry, Ki.

I wasn't finished yet. :poke:
I waited! Honest, I did. I held my breath and counted to 60 . . . and then I just had to poke :poke:

That last one is funny. Looking at the foliage, I'd never imagine it to have daisy-like flowers.....
If I'm seeing correctly, the last photo is Hydrastis canadensis, goldenseal. A member of Ranunculaceae, buttercup family. Not sure about that white-flowered shrub.
Beautiful shots Heather, love the slipper, I got a tiny piece last year, that has a flower coming on it, can't wait for that! The Bottle Bush, aka Fothergillia major or gardenii (not sure which), a very nice shrub. I just got 'Mt. Airy' last fall, about to plant out now that it's safe to do so. I love the fall colour on these guys. My red trilliums are flowering too now, but it's not as impressive this year for some reason, the weather I guess.