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Aug 26, 2006
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Got this about four years ago the tag can't be read but I thought it said Socerres Apprentice I know the long peteled one isn't of course BUt when they were growing it looked like all one plant.Any Ideas I was thinking Red Lighting

If you can make out Sorcerer's Apprentice on the tag, my guess is Inti's Tears (SA X warscewiczianum/popowii).

Well the color of the pouch is almost chcolate brown and Hard to believe it's two different plants if you could see how tight the growths are not like someone put another plant in there on purpose. each spike is on a different growth. the open one clearly has the chilii pepper buds where the other tall spike looks to be more like SA Guess I'll have to wait till it opens to see. I don't think itr's SA x War becausr of the dark brown pouch and the petals are more like the red on red lightingThank You for all the suggestions.The very first growth on this plant grew but never produced any buds. a fun plant indeed


So the other bud opened and clearly is SA the other bud also opened and after a lot of searching I think it's Woosner Super Grande How the two ever got together is beyond me I'm glad they did and was a surprise to me again if you could see how tightly the bases of the two growths are together you would have thought they were one and the same . You never know wish I could remember who I got it from click on photos to enlarge

I would guess that someone was de-flasking or potting-up a couple of different compots, somehow got the plants mixed up and potted two small ones in the same pot. They grew together and no one ever knew they were two different plants. Until now!
Your most likely right Dot It was quite a surprise to me after growing it for some time. and like I said a spike earlier was a dud no flower at all Then this I didn't really pay attention but the leaves are different also the growth habit all different .There is a new growth comming up inbetween the two I'll have to watch the leaves and see If I can guess what It will be.


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