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Just me!
Jun 7, 2006
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Ontario, Canada
Here is my Paph tigrinum. It's not fully open yet but I just couldn't resist taking a picture. The colour is so rich...I can't believe it. I'll post again when it's fully open.



Look at you, that's wonderful. Will you post photos when it finishes opening? Please? pretty please?

Mine just got a little water, and a little talking to.
How long did it take from stem sighting to bloom?

I think this is my prettiest plant, fan-shape/foliage wise, but I would like to enjoy it for more than just that some day. :rolleyes:
Thanks! If all goes well and the flower matures okay I will take it to judging on July 1st. I'll keep my fingers and toes crossed.

Kyle, I got it from Gary Schreiber. Here is a link to his website. It's not listed on his site but send him an email...he has so many wonderful things not listed. Tell him I sent you. He and his wife Yvonne are great people.

Heather....about 5-6 weeks. Once the stem was visible it grew pretty fast.

Anyone who doesn't have one of these and wants one should try asking Paul at Ratcliffe if he still has any. He has always had the nicest price I've seen and when I got mine it was a 5-growth plant for $75. Now it is 10 or so growths, and a beautiful, beautiful plant.

Here's my most recent photo:

(now, if I can just get that elusive STEM...)
You get two post replies Wendy cause I really love the first picture!!!!!


Everytime I read the replies on this thread. I think to myself "damn thats a nice picture" makes me want to get a Tigrinum.

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