My new OZ roth

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Catasetinae Crazed
Aug 12, 2013
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Elsberry, MO USA
Got it in the mail today (thanks John)! I couldn't pass it up. First plant I've bought off ebay in years. Packing was perfect, they took great care of the plant and flowers. I decided to cut the spike to get the plant in the grow room and still enjoy the flowers. :) One petal was a little wonky, but no complaints here.
NS 30 cm, could be more if it wasn't shipped
DSW 5.5
PW 1.6

The plant is ridiculous, 3 foot leaf span, longest leaf about 22 inches. No new start yet. I picked this one because, only having 2 flowers, I hope it will have saved some of it's energy for new growth and not lag as long. Cross is Chester Hill x Red Baron

Sorry for the kitchen background, I was excited :p
It's not even a true roth. That sucks!!! You could always send it to me lol.. j.k. that is a great roth... I guarntee that one is gonna get some love. Congrats!!!
Thanks everybody, the flowers are on top of the shelf next to the tv. I don't watch much tv. I've been re-watching Twin Peaks in anticipation of the new season next year. But, I'd rather stare at this! Anxiously awaiting new growth on the plant...

In the meantime I have a del and Lady Isabel (and, if I'm lucky, Bel Royal) to look forward to later this spring! Not to mention a tidal wave of catasetum spikes! 11-14 flowers per spike, some with 2 spikes. It's going to be epic.

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