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besseaeXkovachii; besseae; roths

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Paphs and Phrags for Sale
**PM if interested
**I will also list on EBAY but cheaper here.
**I can provide some discount on volume
**Shipping not included; will use Priority Mail
**Will try to post pics (couple links below)
All of these are newest generation originating from OZ.
1) Phrag Fritz Schomburg (besseae X kovachii) IN SPIKE: $125
--kovachii from Krull Smith; besseae from OZ
2) Phrag besseae next generation IN SPIKE: $55
--these are the newest generation of besseae from OZ
See example (older breeding): http://www.slippertalk.com/forum/showthread.php?t=20277
3) Paph rothschildianum: VERY LARGE: NEAR FLOWERING SIZE: $200
--Near flowering size. Longest leaves 40-50cm. (ie. 80-100cm leafspan)
--I have quite a few of these. I anticipate that some will flower in 2012
--Several grexes to choose from Chester Hill X Red Baron; Red Baron X Wide Horizon; Wide Horizon X Chester Hill; Red Rider X Buff ($225 on Buff breeding)
4) Paph charlesworthii alba IN BLOOM [pardon not using the correct term]: $100
5) Phrag schlimii IN SPIKE: $45
--Newest generation breeding from OZ
6) Phrag Jason Fischer IN SPIKE: $75
--Latest breeding from OZ
See example: http://www.slippertalk.com/forum/showthread.php?t=20757
Also select plants available: select besseae, select charlesworthii regular and alba form.
Thanks, JC
OZ besseae next generation for sale

OZ plants available.
**Phrag besseae newest generation breeding in spike:
$50 each. 10 or more $40 each (same address). Priority mail included.
I have both regular and peach forms.
**Phrag Jason Fischer in spike. $60 each.
**Paph King Charles in bloom. Nice selected plants. See EBAY for pictures.
Just let me know if you want one. $50 OBO your choice. Tell me number.
**Other plants available. Paph roth, besseae flavum, leucochilum, vietnamese, helenae, besseae-select.
PM me if interested.

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