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May 27, 2007
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Here are some pics of my Magic Lantern. I think it is fully open, but it might flatten out a little more, it just opened. I have always wanted this plant and actually won it unexpectedly on ebay last year. It is from Tahnh Nguyen. The color is pretty close.

Flower close up

whole plant with another spike on the way...I don't know if this is a division, a first bloom seedling, or maybe 2 seedlings stuck together...that would be cool, two different flowers...I'll post the other flower when it opens, I'd say another 2 weeks.
Beautiful one there! It looks huge
The pouch is so perfect:) and if it doesn't flatten out I still love it because the curves give it character.

It's magic lantern season, I've mentioned mine is in sheath/low bud....maybe next month
The flower has flattened out a little more, the dorsal is a little flatter and the petals are not as curved in. Maybe in about a week I will post another picture so that it can finish opening. I will also get its measurements, I think it is a pretty big flower.

Here is the flower a few days later. It flattened out a little and looks a little darker around the edges. Enjoy!


Close up
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Wolfdog, did you see a different pic...I copied the right ones I thought but the one of a bonsai came up. Wierd...
Here are new pictures with the other flower open

This is the new flower...

Here are both together...

Here is the whole plant
yeah, for some reason I couldn't copy from the link photobucket, even though it said it was copying, so I was just pasting the bonsai all over the place...oh well
For all of those who talk about fragrance and paphs, I have found that after about a week or so open, the flower has a very soft rosa rugosa fragrance. Anyone else have fragrant ML's?
Those are very very pretty. I have one about to open and 2 in low sheath. I hope they turn out as nice as yours. BTW, what is it potted in? Is it in SH?
Yeah, I have all of my slippers in s/h, they all seem to like it.

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