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Jan 20, 2020
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I think I actually might see some flowers on this Paph. Prince Edward of York. I have never bloomed one before (or either of its parents, for that matter). Query - should I move it? Stake it? (It’s just hanging out on some fencing with a budding buddy). I’m afraid if I touch it, bad things will happen . . .


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Once the spike is that size, I don't like to move them. The risk of changing the presentation is too great with a couple of flowers facing one way and the third the other. If they bloomed every year, it wouldn't be that important. Unless you think it might be broken or the the plant damaged, I would not move it. Mike
I wouldn't move it. I don't think you would loose it, but the flowers might turn in strange positions by following different light angels.
Thanks Mike.
a bit late to train the spike but you could stake in that position, very gently.
Thank OzPaph (and Musa). I guess if I am going to grow these, I am going to have to learn to train them. I’m a bit afraid of staking too soon, too, while the stem is still soft and growing because I worry about creating a constriction that stops progress.