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Aug 14, 2014
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New York City
Paphiopedilum (Cascade Creek x gardineri)
Cascade Creek is Prince Edward of York x adductum.
Prince Edward of York is rothschildianum x sanderianum.
This is a small multifloral paph but very reliable.
It just finished flowering last month and another spike is ready to bloom. This is going to be its 8th bloom since 2017 when it bloomed for the first time.
Repotting has never been done. The potting mix consists of coarse perlite and large bark chunks with topdressing of sphagnum moss. Grown under T8 until the spike gets too tall, then moved to windowsill.

After this bloom fades, I plan to pot them up into two divisions. It is already self-divided into two portions. :)

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I think gardineri has a magical effect of reducing the plant size but unfortunately also reduces flower count and size on its hybrids. can't have it all, I guess. Or I just got the worse end of the spectrum.
Still, I really like this one.
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