3 months of semi-hydro on a near-rootless phrag (before and after!)

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Aug 24, 2023
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Montana, USA
This Phrag Acker's Fu Manchu came to me with almost no roots! First phrag, and though I was terrified I threw it into semi-hydro (something I had never tried prior) following Ray's website. Three month before and after photos attached- when I first got the pot off and discovered most of the roots were lifeless and mushy, the root buds it had at that time, and now!
I potted it too deep at first and then had to stake it to keep it from burying itself further and flopping over with every flush... it's been a journey. 😅 I might see the start of a little bump on the side where a new growth may be about to emerge (not pictured). Could just be wishful thinking though!


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Here is also a picture of its current setup. It sits under a light that I switch on for part of the day on my kitchen counter, where it also gets some filtered natural light. It has an outer pot there for stability and mess control as well. 20230824_143126.jpg
That seems to be happy. Not sure how effective your lighting will be in the longer term.
I just moved another orchid out of my kitchen space yesterday so I can give this one more like 12-14 hours of consistent light again (I had decreased turning the light on some for the other orchid (my other phrag) hoping I could transiition it into higher light, but it's still recovering from transit and high temps and needs to be with my phals for a while I think. Also it may just have lower light needs than tje Acker's Fu Manchu, it's a Coral Jewel). That said, I know this is not a real grow light, just a pair of fluorescent kitchen bulbs. I may invest in something better in the future. Is there a way to decently measure light without a $500 meter? I downloaded a measurement app but then heard they're really not accurate at all. :( Pic of where it sits all day. The other orchid is a rescue noid oncidium dancing lady type.20230825_105227.jpg

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