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Jan 10, 2007
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St. John's, Newfoundland, Canada
Just arrived this week. Clockwise from the top: Phrag Mountain Maid,
Paph. moquettianum X hangianum, Paph. Ho Chi Minh, Paph Oklahoma, Paph. Joyce Hasegawa and in the centre, Paph. Oberhausen's Diament....not in the pic is my Paph. In-Charm Handel. Most are small but the Phrag is in spike! :clap:

Cool plants, I can't believe your phrag is in spike! We picked up the moquettianum x hangianum too, very nice plant.
Your moquettianum x hangianum is about the same size as one I bought last fall today, so good purchase there. You recieved yours larger than mine from last year. It grows at a good rate too. I can't wait for it to bloom.

I got a Phal Taisuco Glory 'Ming Leopard' in spike (and now in bloom today) and a Paph Judge Philip in bud:D. It is a 2 mature growth plant, 1 old growth and two new growths for only $25. I think Paph Kenneth Marple (laevigatum x fairriarnum) possibly could bloom this year too and may have some interesting results. Then I also got many paph seedlings too. Their paph catalogue changed so fast this year and sold out of many plants during spring shipping!
Yea Kenneth Marple can possibly be ugly. The plant is quite compact too. I really hope I don't get one with a deformed pouch lol.

Phal Taisuco Glory 'Ming Leopard' bloomed...

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