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I only chill slightly at night. Keep them warm during the day like 80+ and give 80 humidity. I do not notice that much of an ease of flowering in different light intensity. 1,500 is good for light. How large is the second growth Heather? Sometimes the slow growers and late bloomers are the best unfortunately. What's the cross?
If I had to pick the most important factor that I have noticed in blooming roths it is humidity with good air movement!
I have honestly never chilled a roth. I do grow them bright for a paph, like I would for a phrag...but still not vanda brightness.

I do notice faster leaf growth under much higher humidities, but they still seem to bloom whenever they feel like it. I can think of nothing more important to healthy growth than a constant moist breeze, it's like the leaves are secondary roots sucking water from their atmosphere.

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60F nights/low 70s day and then around Jan give them more light and warmer day temperature to initiate buds. 60 overnight, 76 day without sun. With sun, it should go up to 80. Constant high humidity.

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