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Nov 2, 2006
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I love these species!

I hate the affect of the flash... still learning the photographer gig, I cannot wait until it warms so I can take my photos outside.

Paph bellatulum, by far my favorite Paph species - from Sam Tsui at Orchid Inn.

Paph wardii - again from Sam.

now both of my Paph venustum album are open... I like one more than the other. As they age they take on a nice gold hue.
all 3 are great, but my pref. is for white and so I would choose bellatulum. And, good pict. nevertheless; flash may be very nasty indeed. I thought about going to have a ring flash! Jean
The pics are pretty good with flash, better than what mine would be! All 3 are lovely, the bella especially nice!
I could lay my hands all of them:rollhappy:

I think thr photos are good for beeing taken with flash
Your photos look great if I consider they are taken with flash. I try to avoid the 'on board flash' of my camera because most of the results are not satisfactory.
I've seen many photos which were taken with a ring flash and they were great.
Regarding your plants I wouldn't prefer one of them...... because all are very nice and well grown - congrats!!!
Best regards from Germany, GuRu
Very nice plants. The Paph. venustum came from woodstream I suppose? Luv the Paph. bellatulum!

the bellatulum is really nice. do you know which cross this one is ? Sam has a couple...

very nice venustums as well !
Thanks for the feedback!

The bellatulum is 'Jumbo' X 'Red on Red' and the venustums came from Whipporwill when Tom was closing things up. I assume they originated from Woodstream based on the clones used. I have a few more plants on track to bloom in the next few weeks...