Mis-labeled multi-floral needs a name

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Jun 9, 2006
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Elk Grove, CA
I received this plant almost 5 years ago as Paph. Susan Booth x sanderianum or Paph. Formosa Lady. I can't trace it back and ask the vendor as I either traded for it or bought it from another hobbiest through the OSF. If I bought it, it was a N.B.S. plant that I know I didn't spend more than $30 for. It's bloomed a few times over the years but this year is putting on quite a show with 4 spikes, with 4 buds on each spike. A few flowers have started opening and I brought it to my meeting last night where someone brought it to my attention that he didn't think it was Lady Formosa, but a Berenice cross-maybe to sanderianum? That's somewhat frusterating since I'd been hoping to make a cross with it and was hoping someone with a good eye knows what it is. It's a space hog for a possible no-name, although I do like it a lot. I compared it to other photos online and I don't think it's Lady Formosa either :mad: It does look a lot like a Berenice but the petals seem to be longer than straight Berenice. Help??

The photos are a bit dark as we are getting some bad rain storms through. I'd be happy to take better pics later if it will help i.d. it.



I think Jerry Spence but you can never know for sure by looking alone. The dorsal is too strong for me to think Berenice is likely. Looks like some roth with the strong dorsal and striping pattern. Philipinense or sand wouldn't likely do that. The color too is dark
Looks sorta like Screaming Eagle or Berenice to me, which would be similar to Formosa Lady but without the Pardalo (lowii) influence. Susan Booth is (roths X glanduliferum/praestans/wilhelminae) (depending on when it was made and who made it). Hard to say for sure. A keeper though!

I really think there is roth in there. I think screaming eagle is unlikely. It may be screaming eagle x roth. That is possible to me.
Here. Maybe it will be easier to see near eachother without scrolling.

Also, the petals on mine still may lengthen a bit more as the couple of flowers have been open less than a week.
That would be my guess if I was forced to make one. Still can't know for sure without the parentage or genetic testing.
Good job Paphioland! I guess you know more about Paphs than people give you credit for. :poke:
Thanks for the help everyone. Ding, ding, ding I believe the winner is paphioland. I feel comfortable changing the tag since it's so similar, but I won't be breeding with it. But, there's now another mystery...where can I buy a Formosa Lady?:drool:

Edit: Who's going to OZ soon and will pick one up for me:>
Can one just go there? If so don't forget us Noreasters!
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Yes, you can go if you set it up with him first/make an appointment. I've got a friend that may be going there this weekend if we don't get blown off the map with the storms we're having. So, I'm crossing my fingers he's still got some to sell.
Forgive me, but I'd just call it Jerry Spence, ask God to forgive you, and forget about it. Close enough, I'd say. Breed with a happy heart!
Looks like a good match for the name! I really like it. Perhaps it's not appropriate anymore for the cross you had in mind, but why not keep it in mind as a possible parent for some other cross in the future? ..."What's in a name? That which we call a rose by any other name would smell as sweet." It still looks good even if it's not what you thought it was :)