Mexi in sheath at least

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This cultivar is wonderful. The way the laterals arch reminds me, by turns, of a crab spider set to pounce, a dancing crane and then, naturally, of the famous Karate Kid move. I have a nice happy division of one of the original pieces and would love this one, if you’re parting with divisions. Regarding keeping it in the mix, I agree that high light is important but it also needs to be happy about the mix when the butt of the stolon touches down. I have kept mine clumpy by waiting until it’s long, then bending it down over the course of a couple weeks, then gently placing a piece of granite heavy enough to hold the butt against the mix but not heavy enough to break or crush the stolon. I’ve broken a couple; oops. I also never, ever get water in the crowns.
Tis in sheath again with at least 8 spikes.

Just read through this entire thread and it's crazy seeing how much larger it is compared to the start! I recently got a small division in a 2 inch pot and just hoping for new growth! Current conditions in my enclosure float around 70 F and 60-65% RH, so fingers crossed!
Looks very good and compact, what conditions do you keep it in( apart from the frig that is!) mine seem to be slow to establish I keep mine in a large wardian heated case I try to keep it around 25 Deg C with around 50% rh, I spray them every couple of days to keep the compost moist
they lit with T8 tubes. I'm wondering about lighting and air movement. Living in the North of England is a challenge climate wise
Finally growing well, plenty of runners and now flowers
Wow love it. You seem to grow them pretty wet, in a very fine mix? Impressive. I’m trying to figure out what the black pot situation is off to the right in the photo; black pot seems to be munching into the big pot?


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