Mexi in sheath at least

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That explains tight growth and temperature control, I assume you have good air movement, how are you controlling humidity?
I have a piezoelectric humidifier. Humidity is usually around 65%, though I bump it up to 80-something when sanderianum hybrids are blooming.
Did I miss the name of this clone? Those karate-kid laterals are astonishing to me. All the ones I have seen hang DOWN. I’ll post a photo of mine today, on its 8th flower from the same spike. If you sold a division of this baby I’d sure be into it.
I haven't named it yet. The petals do curve downward somewhat, but not as much as most clones I have seen.
Very impressive, both....the plant with its flowers and the excellent photos as well as teh informative story how you forced it to bloom.
Oops, sorry, missed this. Equal proportions of #3 perlite and seedling orchiata to make the base, then mix 5 parts of that that with 1 part crushed oyster shell. Add a touch of charcoal if you want. Plant, then top dress with chick grit or yellow play sand.

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