Masdevallia andresiana 'MC5780' × self

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Apr 7, 2012
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Fairbanks, Alaska, USA
This is the very first individual to flower from a flask purchased from Troy Meyers. Masdevallia andresiana 'MC5780' × self, which was Alfonso Miguel Doucette's cross (thank you, Alfonso!). I deflasked them Aug. 1, 2013, and flowered in Oct. 2, 2014 (14 months after deflask). According to the record, the pollination was done in Sept 2010, so it is about 4 years from seed-to-seed. Other siblings are almost flowering, too. They are grown in cool side of intermediate temp (75/60F), and they grow quickly. Actually they are still in the compot.

Masdevallia andresiana 'MC5780' × self, on Flickr

Masdevallia andresiana side view on Flickr

Masdevallia andresiana close up on Flickr

plant on Flickr

Masdevallia andresiana flower parts on Flickr
Top left: close up of column, petals and the lip.
Top right: the hinge mechanism of the lip, whose base is fused to the sepal, two sepals are removed
Bottom left: tip of the column and the top side of the lip, all sepals and petals removed
Bottom right: Bottom (stigma side) of the column

I feel that this type of flowers are quite difficult to take photos of (i.e. I couldn't come up with a good and interesting angle).
Naoki that is a superb. I must have missed that one. I will certainly look into it. Perhaps Alfonso has a few around. The pendulous Masdies have always appealed to me.

I think the photos are well done, but I know what you mean.
Thanks all.

Chad, if you are still interested in it next summer (it's too cold to ship now), I have lots of this species for trade (I think I got near 0% mortality from this flask so far, so there are more than I want to keep). But this seems to be a too-easy species for your taste. :poke:

Migrant, I've seen a couple Masd. with pendant stems, but I don't know much about Masd. I think it is closely related to M. maduroi. Interestingly, one plant from the same cross is not making pendant inflorescent. It is likely to be environmental, though.